How to add images

Adding images is as simple as drag & drop. Spinal supports two ways to store your images.

You can either store your images right in your GitHub repository. Linking to them relatively from your content or use Cloudinary. This will insert an url of the image into your content.

For both GitHub and Cloudinary, you can add images in two ways:

  • drag and drop the image into the text editor;
  • when the text editor is in focus, paste an image from your clipboard.

Using GitHub #

Screenshot showing the fields to set up GitHub as an image host

There are two fields needed:

Path within content. This is the relative path that is needed for your static site generator to correctly locate the image for that content. For example: images/posts.

Path in repo. This is where the image actually gets stored in your repository. It’s absolute from the root directory. Given the former example this could be: src/images/posts.

Using Cloudinary #

Screenshot showing the fields needed to set up Cloudinary

You can also store your images directly on Cloudinary. This is great if you want them to do any transformations, etc. for you. When set up, images added are directly stored in Cloudinary and an absolute link to it is added into your content.

You can find your credentials in the Cloudinary console.

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