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January update for Spinal. A look at the business and what's coming.

Hey there!

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First off: I hope 2022 was good for you, and wish for you 2023 would be just as amazing or better! ✨

2022 was the year I launched Spinal and it went beyond what I thought it could be. More on that below… 👀

But first: what’s new at Spinal?

☕️ Filter content by frontmatter #


Sometimes you only want to see your content by category, draft/published status, author or some other frontmatter value you have. Now you can! How? Simply select any of your visible frontmatter values to filter by that value. Select Remove filter to remove the filter again.

You can filter content by the following frontmatter types: string, select, boolean or datetime. Filters are ephemeral, and are meant to be used to quickly view a certain set of content. Read about it in the docs.

🔍 Search the docs #

Over the past months I’ve extended the docs quite a bit. Which really helped lessen the support load, but it also makes it sometimes a bit harder to find what you’re looking for. So I added a, quite rudimentary, search feature to the docs.


(not to be confused with the search feature coming to the app I teased you about in the last newsletter! 😬)

📚 From the blog #

Let’s cut right to the chase: you are not noisy enough about your new SaaS’ feature launches 🌶️. I wrote about the content strategy I use (and you can copy) so you launch, and launch and launch! 🚀🚀🚀

In another article, “What is a git-based CMS”, I walk through all the pros and cons of a git-based CMS (like Spinal!). Might be useful if you need to convince someone at your company to (finally) start using Spinal! 😂

As a tiny, bootstrapped company, sharing these articles réally helps!

2022 in review #

I mentioned earlier, but 2022 was the year Spinal launched. And it’s been an amazing year. Even though Spinal is not an open startup I wanted to share this graph with you (without further context).


I’m truly stoked about this! 😊 Even more so, because I know the roadmap of Spinal. 😂 The upcoming features will surely help all you SaaS companies craft more and better money-making content for your static-generated marketing sites.

Such a tease… 🍬

I know! Maybe next month I’ll share another sneak peek into the future. 🔮

That’s it for this time. As always, looking forward to read your replies again. Even if it’s a quick one-liner!

From sunny Thailand 🇹🇭 to you: have a great rest of your day! ☀️

—Eelco, founder Spinal ↗️

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