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Monthly Spinal update 15: are you good with numbers?

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Did you know that 71% of b2b customers say they read the company’s blog before they buy? - [Source]

See stats on your dashboard #

Since the start of Spinal, the dashboard was quite empty. Even more so if you don’t subribed to the Content Marketing Team plan. That changes today. You can now see how many:

  • characters
  • words
  • paragraphs
  • reading time

…you and your team wrote. What’s shown on your dashboard are the cumulative numbers between all your content types.


Set frontmatter as read only #

This feature came after numerous customer requests. When you don’t want frontmatter to be editable by your team, mark it as read only. Useful for the layout frontmatter in Astro or for fields that are populated with date parsing, like the path frontmatter (see example in screenshot).


And a minor UI improvement you can see in this screenshot are the content type settings themselves. I’ve broken them out of a modal, as in the near future there will be quite a lot more options to set. 👀

Preview: view frontmatter in your content overview #

Check out this tweet where I preview an upcoming feature that soon will be released. Next to the title, you will be able to show other frontmatter in your content overview.

When you have links in your content, where should they link to in your the pane? To your site’s live page or to the edit page in Spinal

That’s it for this time. If you have questions or want me to touch on something next time: let me know. ✌️

—Eelco, founder Spinal

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