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Monthly Spinal update 16: announcing new pricing

Hey there!

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It’s the last quarter and here at “Spinal HQ” (Spinal is a remote company of one), I’m truly excited about what’s coming up. 🤩

New pricing #

But first the new plans and pricing. Since Spinal was soft launched earlier this year, you could upgrade your account with features like unlimited team members, unlimited content types (articles, docs, knowledge base, changelog, etc.), schedule content, and so on.

All for the super low monthly price of $19 per month (or $190 per year). This was always meant as an early access discount as a thank you to all early customers who believed in Spinal as a product and company. They were fine with the lack of some features (even more so at the very early days).

But Spinal has improved tremendously the last few month. Saving SaaS (content marketing) teams around the world a lot of hassle, time and improving their marketing throughout. So it’s time that the pricing reflect that.

Starting 1 November 2022 (in about 24 days) the new pricing for the Content Marketing plan will be $39 per month (or get two months for free when you pay yearly).

On our (internal) roadmap are many more features that will be packaged into a separate plan as well. Also: all current customers won’t see any price increase. 🤙

According to 51% of companies, rewriting/optimising old content helps them stay relevent in the field. Source

Customise content type icon + anchor #

Many Spinal customers set up many different content types, like blog articles, docs and knowledge base articles and so on. Previously all would have the same default icon. Now you can change the icon to match your content type.

Check out the preview in the tweet.

Also the anchor can now be changed. Previously Spinal would default to the “title”, but you can now choose any frontmatter that acts as the anchor: on the contents index and on the editor.


Preview: group content by frontmatter #

This feature is currently run by a group of beta users. This feature allows to group your content by a frontmatter key. For instance: group by category, group by author or group by section. Feedback on this upcoming feature is really positive:

“We group our docs by category, and this mimics what we have on our site and thus so much easier to scan.”


Support for some cool new static site generators #

Introducing support for some great new static site generators:

If you want to be the first to know when new features and improvements drop in Spinal, be sure to regularly check out the changelog.

That’s all for this month. Remember if you want take that sweet early access deal, be sure to do so before 1st of November 2022. ⏳

—Eelco, founder Spinal

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