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Spinal June update: filter your content

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Welcome to this month’s edition of Spinal’s product updates. As always welcome to all the new folks. 👋 Feel free to reply to this email. Looking forward to hear from you.

Most of the previous month was focussed on Spring cleaning. Spinal also saw its first real outage due to a lárge influx of new signups. 😰

But there is some cool new stuff released too! Let’s go over them.

☕️ Filter content You could already filter your content by the values of your toggled columns. Great to quickly drill down into a certain category, tag or author. #

But now there are three new “fixed filters” available:

  • content with unpublished changes (based on the content’s changes)
  • content with comments
  • content by an author


The “author” field is a new concept in Spinal. It is in essence the team member who created the content. Others might have edited the content, but the member who created the content is assigned as the “author”. It will be used for some other upcoming features too. 🤫

🪵 Set your default branch #


You can now change the git branch Spinal uses to push to. By default (and when empty) this is the “default branch” from GitHub. Change it in your account’s settings.

From the blog 👓 #

🎵 Other noteworthy changes #

  • fixed the overflow issue of the content’s heading
  • mark any string- and text input fields as “read only”; works great with setting a default value for it
  • you can now delete your own account, instead of reaching out to support 😅

And that’s it for this month. Anything specific you want me to talk about next month? Let me know!

As always: thanks for your interest and support in Spinal! 🙌

—Eelco, founder Spinal

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