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Spinal October update: want more emails?

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It’s that time again: another update from Spinal HQ! 🏢 I’m writing you this time from a subtropical island in Europe (can you guess?). 🏝️

Past few (summer) months were a tiny bit slower than the previous months, but now, at the very start of Q4, I am already seeing companies maxing out their budgets (based on the number of yearly subscriptions; new and upgrades). 😅 If you are on the fence; a yearly subscription actual means paying for 10 months ($290 instead of almost $350 🤑) and you get a high-five from your accountant! 🙌 🥰

There are some sweet updates to tell you about, so let’s dive in. 🤿 🐟

📨 Weekly and monthly overview emails #


The calendar (Team plan required) is a great way to see all the content that is published and scheduled.

Now you also get a weekly (every Monday) or a monthly (every first Monday of the month) email in your inbox with all the content published the previous period.

You can enable them, along with all other email notifications, in your Profile settings.

⏰ Improved scheduling modal #


Talking about scheduling content: you will now see a list of content that is scheduled for the same day. Super useful to make sure you scheduled content for the correct day!

🎵 Other noteworthy changes #

Some minor updates that were released last few weeks:

  • many improvements to the editor (and more on the way! 📑)
  • content in the Workflow feature look a bit more card-like
  • new Content Type setup modal looks bit flashier now 🌈

For all updates, check out Spinal’s changelog.

🔙 Launched previously #

Just a short recap of what was launched the months before (just to make sure you didn’t miss these):

  • Workflow. Have a dedicated stage for your content ideas. From there an author can move it to Draft. Once ready they can move it into QA, here it gets checked, reviewed and edited. If some tweaks are needed it is moved to Changes Requested. If it’s good to go, it’s moved Approved. Read more.
  • Group content. You can group your content in the overview to better mimic your static site. This makes a lot of sense for, for example, your documentation that is grouped by section. Read the docs.

🔮 Coming soon #

There are some really amazing features currently being worked on. One that I can already share is support for MDX components. Many of the foundational work was already in place, but there was never enough time to push it forward. Lately I’ve noticed more and more requests for it and so now is the time! Can’t wait? Reply and I’ll add you to the beta list.

And the backlog is filled with great features that will make you and your team 10x content marketers. 😅

And that’s it for this time. What do you think? Anything you want me to cover next time? Let me know! Always great to hear from you. 😊

Until next time! ✌️

—Eelco, founder Spinal

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