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Inspiring examples of SaaS changelogs

A changelog is really great way to keep your customers up to date about your SaaS’ improvements. This is a list of inspiring examples of some SaaS changelogs.

Photo by Antonio Grosz on Unsplash

A changelog is a linear list of items where you update your customers about newly introduced features, tell about improvements and notify about bugfixes. It’s an easy way to keep your customers up-to-date about everything that’s happening around your SaaS. An often updated changelog also really helps with potential new customers seeing your product is constantly being updated.

Here I gathered a collection of changelogs to get inspired to start of improve your own changelog. I’ve tried to find different examples and ideas that could help you with your changelog.

Clerk #

image-2920d9.pngSome really super-sweet details in Clerk's changelog. From the animated scroll-indicator to the motherboard-like background image.

Intercom #

Preview of intercom's changelog

The changelog of Intercom is cleanly-designed. Every new changelog is highlighting one new or improved feature.

Transistor #

Preview of's changelog

Our friends at have a dark-themed changelog. Every item highlights one new feature, but when you click-through it goes into depth explaining different parts of the new feature.

Ghost #

The changelog from Ghost

The changelog from Ghost follows an improvement or new feature per item. Every changelog is accompanied with an unique image highlighting the feature.

Campsite #

Screenshot of Campsite's changelog

The changelog from Campsite is beautifully minimalist. I like how the timestamps stick to the top as you scroll.

Linear #

Screenshot of the changelog from Linear

Linear’s changelog often highlight one bigger feature along-side many other smaller features, improvements and bugfixes.

Postmark #

Preview of Postmark's changelog

Postmark’s changelog has a great changelog where all items are grouped by month. Next to that you can filter by type, eg. only show updates on the API or web.

Buttondown #'s colourful and fun changelog

Our friends over at have a changelog spotting some fun illustrations. The overall tone of each changelog is also really unique (all coming from the founder).

AppSignal #

Preview of AppSignal's changelog

AppSignal’s changelog is a straightforward list grouped by month. This makes it easy to see what’s happened every single month.

Superlist #

Preview of the Superlist changelog

Superlist spots a colourful changelog (product updates) with a sticky sidebar (where have we seen that before!).

This gallery is constantly being updated with new and inspiring examples. Have one that should be listed here? Reach out to support.

Written by July Forand

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