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Eleventy (11ty) is fantastic, simply (that rhymed)! Collaborating on it with your content marketing team not so much. Say hello to Spinal. 👋

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11ty (or Eleventy) is a Static Site Generator, built with Node.js, known for its simplicity, speed, and flexibility. It was born as a alternative to Jekyll.

11ty has support for a wide range of template languages, like Liquid, Nunjucks, Handlebars. The simple and intuitive API, makes it easy to get started and start generating pages quickly. It comes with cool features like pagination, taxonomy, and permalink templates.

The rich and active community of developers and users, provide a wealth of resources and support for developers who are new to the tool.

A git-based 11ty CMS that works without tedious set up

Spinal connects to your GitHub repo. That's why it's so easy to get started and publish content. Select your repo, where your Markdown files in 11ty are stored and then your content is imported into your Spinal dashboard. That's it! No fiddling with API's, mapping Frontmatter or other quirky set up needed. Just connect with your GitHub account and your publishing content to your 11ty site in minutes.

Loved by devs and non-devs

Your dev team loves 11ty because it is simpler, thus quick to set up with no configuration needed. Your developers do nót have to change how they work. Bút you can give the rest of your team a new super power with the minimal and beautiful, yet powerful wysiwyg-editor in Spinal to write, update and schedule content for your marketing site. With one click of a button, the content is pushed to your GitHub repo. Ready to be picked up by your hosting provider. Magical!

Check out the 11ty site for more.

  • Thank you for Spinal, it's what we've dreamt of! 😃
  • Updating our website used to be a time-consuming and manual process. Now it's a breeze.
  • Game-changer for our team!
  • Improved our team's efficiency when it comes to managing website content. Highly recommend it!
  • Easy to use and update content!
  • Spinal has proven to be an invaluable tool for our non-dev team.
  • Love the UI ❤️
  • The simplicity has made it easy for our non-technical team members to contribute to the website.
  • So glad we found it!
  • Made it so much easier for our team to update the website without developers. Love it!
  • Got even the developers writing docs now 😅
  • Can you get excited about a CMS? Yes! 🤓
  • Much easier now to keep our marketing site up to date.
  • Used to struggle to keep our website up to date, but Spinal made it really easy to manage.
  • Setup was simple and fast. We were up and running in no time.
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