Netlify CMS rebranded to Decap CMS

Alternative to Netlify CMS

Spinal is an alternative to Netlify CMS. Netlify CMS, is self-hosted, and takes about a day to set up and needs recurring maintenance.

preview of Spinal posts edit screen with navigation on the left, content with a markdown toolbar in the middle and the comments panel on the right

Netlify CMS is an open source content management system that was started at Netlify. Just like Spinal it’s Git-based. Because of the underlying structure, it works really well with most static-site generators.

It has a clean text-editor, supports a publishing workflow and has a media upload feature.

Set up is not straight-forward

To get started with Netlify CMS you need to add some files and set up your collections (eg. posts or documentation). If you need another content type, you need to manually edit the config.yml file. You also need to add some (admin) files to your site’s codebase. Including some trial-and-error this can easily take a day. That is excluding any maintenance work needed that comes with an open-source, self-hosted solution like Netlify CMS.

Spinal vs Netlify CMS feature comparison

Spinal is built with SaaS content marketing teams in mind. Typical Spinal customers don't want any install, set up or maintenance burden they have with Netlify CMS. Just start producing quality content with their team.

Spinal logo Spinal Logo for netlify-cms Netlify CMS
Price $29/month Free
Set up Very easy Intermediate
Collaborators Unlimited Unlimited
Fine-grained Access
Self Host
Built for SSG
Rich Text Editor
Calendar view
Outputs Markdown
Edit Lock
Comments & Notes
Image Support
Version History
Active Development
Compare View pricing N/A
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  • Improved our team's efficiency when it comes to managing website content. Highly recommend it!
  1. Is Spinal also Git-based?

    Yes! Getting started is as simple as connecting your GitHub repo to your Spinal account and you are good to go.

  2. Can I collaborate with my team using feedback and comments?

    Yes! Spinal is designed for small SaaS companies. Leaving feedback, do QA and comment on drafts is built right into Spinal.

  3. How do I install Spinal?

    You don’t! Just sign up, connect with GitHub and invite your team.

We'll move you from Netlify CMS to Spinal. For free!

While getting started with Spinal is as easy as connecting your GitHub repo, Spinal provides a concierge service to every new (trialing) customer. Maybe you want to go over some settings? Or get help inviting your team? All at no extra charge. Start your 5-day free trial and contact support for all the details.

How does Spinal compare to other alternatives?

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