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Static site generators are amazing. Collaborating on them with your content writers isn't. Say hello to Spinal CMS. 👋

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Give your content marketing team a super power

Spinal is scratching an itch I had at my previous Saas businesses when I wanted to invite writers & marketers to write content on my SaaS’ blog. Many of the solutions I’ve found included words like headless, api-driven and flatfile. They were all just too much. I had a simple need: invite others, who are less tech-savvy, to write blogpost, collaborate on content and help correct and improve existing content. I didn’t want to mess with API’s or have them git clone and run a local copy of the site, but invite them and get to work.


All you need, and nothing more

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50 seconds to get started

If I did the math right, that's 50 seconds to start writing, editing and publishing on your marketing site. 🧮 And I'm sure you can do it faster even. Nothing to install and set up, but: ready in no-time to get your content marketing to the next level.

Who uses Spinal?

Spinal is designed for (growing) SaaS companies that run their marketing site using a static site generator (like Jekyll, 11ty or Astro). They want to go to the next stage with their business and hire content marketers, but not set up a headless-flatfile-api-driven CMS or waste hours helping new team members set up a local version of their site running (git clone, run command X, git commit: the horror! 🙀).


Spinal is free to get started. Need to collaborate with your your content writers or marketing team? Simply upgrade to the Unlimited plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

So, what is Spinal again?

A minimal and beautiful git-based CMS that you connect to a GitHub repo to edit your static site’s content. Alone or with your team. Nothing to install.

And what is Spinal not?

Spinal is not a headless-, api-driven or flatfile CMS that takes a lot of effort to set up.

What parts of my site can I edit with Spinal?

Spinal focusses on the (marketing) content of your site, like posts, documentation or maybe your changelog. Anything on your site that’s based on a markdown file can be created and edited with Spinal.

What is a content type?

Within a static site generators different content like posts, documentation, etc. are usually stored in separate folders (eg. src/posts). This is called a content type in Spinal.

Does Spinal support a two-way sync?

No. GitHub is used to read existing content and to publish new content to it. Changes you make to your content outside of Spinal are overwritten. Spinal is meant to be the “source of truth”. You can of course still develop and design your website however you like.

Do I need to install anything?

No. Just connect your repo of choice and you’re good to go.

Do collaborators or I need to know Git?

No experience with Git needed at all. When you publish with Spinal, it will create a new commit on your main branch.

Do you offer discounts for nonprofits?

There’s something even better! If you are eligible you can use Spinal for free! The only request? Add a link to Spinal prominently on your site. Get in touch for requirements.

How can I contact you?

You can send an email to or follow on Twitter.