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Feature details

Team • $29/month (or $290/year) Personal • $149 (one-time payment)
Content type limit Unlimited 3
Content limit Unlimited 1000
Team limit 10 1
Schedule content
Snippets 20 (per Content Type)
Kanban workflow
Calendar view
Group content
Activity log
Email notifications
Filter options
  • The UI is fantastic. Love it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we trial Spinal first?

Yes! After you created an account, you can set up Spinal: connect with GitHub, add your first Content Type and create content. There is a limit of 25 items. You can then choose to start the 5-day free trial of the Team plan.

Do I need to add my credit card to start the trial?

Yes. This allows your team to keep improving your content without interruption after the trial period. Don’t worry: you will get an email notification before your card gets charged.

Is there an annual plan?

Yes, with the annual plan you get two months for free and a written thank-you note from your accountant.

What is a Content Type?

With static site generators, different content like blog, documentation, etc. are usually stored in separate folders (eg. src/posts). This is called a Content Type in Spinal.

What if I need more team members?

Over the past years we’ve found teams only sometimes surpassing 10 members. If you do, reach out to support to ask about prices for more than 10 team members.

What parts of my site can I edit with Spinal?

Spinal focusses on the written (marketing) content of your site, like blog, documentation and maybe your changelog. Anything on your site that’s based on a markdown file can be created and edited with Spinal.

Can I use Spinal for my personal blog/site?

Certainly. In fact, many hundreds of people do. With the personal “plan” (it’s a one-time payment) you can set up three Content Types. And create up to 1000 content items between them. It’s a one-time payment of just $149 (one-time).

I'm an agency. Can I use Spinal for my customers?

Certainly. There’s even a discount available from the 2nd customer. The discount increases with each additional customer you bring in. There’s also the option to whitelabel Spinal to match your brand. Check out the details.

I have a question after reading all this

Please send an email to