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8 Proven Ways to Convert SaaS Blog Visitors into Customers

Struggling to convert SaaS blog traffic? Use these 8 proven tips to create high-converting landing pages, lead magnets, emails and more.

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Your SaaS blog is more than just a content marketing channel. It’s a lead generation machine. But only if you know how to turn visitors into signups.

Let’s look at some proven tactics to boost conversions.

Offer a Lead Magnet Upfront #

Don’t make visitors hunt for value. Present it immediately with a lead magnet like an e-book, checklist or free tool.

Place opt-in forms front and center. Or have a sticky popup invite visitors to download your lead magnet in exchange for their email.

This content exchange is a win-win. You get a new lead. They get something useful right away.

Target Keywords Visitors Are Searching #

Optimizing your posts for keywords tells search engines what your content is about. But it also helps attract visitors already looking for solutions.

Research keywords related to pain points your SaaS solves. Include these terms naturally throughout your post.

Traffic will come from searches like “how to [problem] without [expensive solution]”. Hook them with a post like “How to [problem] with [your SaaS]”

Funnel Them to a Dedicated Landing Page #

Don’t send blog visitors straight to your complex homepage. Guide them towards a tailored landing page instead.

These pages focus on one offer instead of overwhelming visitors with navigation and options.

Send traffic from posts about [problem] to a landing page with demos, free trials or content on solving [problem].

Educate, Don’t Hard Sell #

Avoid aggressive sales language. Readers want to learn how your SaaS can help them.

Focus content on addressing pains and problems. Explain how your product solves these issues.

Sprinkle in testimonials and success stories. Social proof builds trust and confidence in your solution.

Use Social Proof #

Speaking of social proof, don’t be afraid to show off rave reviews, case studies and testimonials.

Visitor skepticism is a major hurdle. But knowing others have found success can be reassuring.

Pull genuine quotes from customers. Link to detailed case studies. Display logos of recognizable brands you’ve worked with.

Follow Up Through Email #

Not every visitor will convert on the first visit. Collect lead information through magnets and level up touch-points.

Send a series of follow-up emails with more value, offers and calls to action.

Nurture signups by guiding them along your funnel towards product demos and free trials.

Turn Blog Visitors Into Signups With These SaaS Lead Generation Tips #

Want more leads from your SaaS blog? Start with a strong value offer upfront. Guide visitors to tailored landing pages. And nurture leads through email. Follow these proven conversion tactics to turn readers into paying customers.

Written by July Forand


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