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Is Spinal a good fit for us?

Spinal was designed with a really clear goal and target audience in mind: similar businesses like Spinal that know the power of content marketing.

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But what does that mean exactly? If you can say yes to the following statements, try Spinal 5 days for free.


  • …have a small, growing SaaS business;
  • …use a Static Site Generator listed on this page;
  • …use, or about to start with, written content as the foundation for your marketing.

Let’s go over some details here.

A CMS for growing SaaS #

Most of Spinal’s customers are SaaS businesses. Team sizes that use Spinal vary between 3 to 25. They serve various industries from payment solutions, to accounting systems and (niche) CRMs. Some have been growing with Spinal: starting with a few people to inviting their entire team to Spinal over the course of 12 months.

The way Spinal can set up is one of the biggest selling points. These, often bootstrapped, SaaS companies value their lean working processes. You can start writing and editing the content from your static site within minutes after signing up.

A CMS for Static Site Generators #

Spinal is built for Static Site Generators. Currently the most popular options are supported (missing yours? Reach out!). Static Site Generators are superior to web builders, as it allows you to build every creative thing you can think off. The only limit is your creativity.

A CMS for content marketing #

Features in Spinal are designed and built to help you and your team with their content marketing efforts. From scheduling content, to creating a content pipeline, to a calendar view to see all your previous and upcoming content. And much more to come too!

Some more general observations:

  • account owners (people who create the account) are mostly in ”leadership roles” (CxO, team leaders, etc.)
  • on average 2.35 Content Types are set up (blog and documentation/help pages are the most common)
  • churn is really low; once they start using Spinal they don’t switch (< 1 year of data though!)
  • between all team members Spinal is used 4.67 times per week

Written by July Forand

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