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Introducing a new dashboard

Recently a complete new dashboard was launched introducing three complete new features: calendar, activities and email notifications.

When Spinal launched about a year ago, the dashboard’s home was really empty (it even said something along the lines of: “yes, this is pretty empty, but that will soon change). I had many ideas for it, but other features were always more important.

But a few weeks ago the work on a new dashboard started and with it comes three new features!

Let’s go over each of them.

Calendar #

preview of the calendar on the dashboard

The calendar is likely the biggest new feature and has been getting a lot of praise from (content) marketing teams already. Having a birds-eye view of all scheduled and published content is really powerful. The earlier launched colours for Content Types really help to make it obvious which Content Type a piece of content belongs to.

There’s also a dedicated calendar screen that you can access via the Global Command Menu (CMD/Ctrl+k). Here you can traverse back and forth in time.

Activities #

preview of the dashboard's activity stream

Activities were part of the dashboard for some time, but now there are more activities being logged and you can view them on the activities screen. The stream on the dashboard shows you only the newly created content and latest comments. Just like the calendar you can also reach all your account’s activities via the Global Command Menu or select Latest activity heading at the top

Email notifications #

email notifications dropdown to toggle which notifications you want to receive

You can opt-in to receive email notifications whenever someone comments on your content (that’s when you created the content). Then if someone comments, you will get an email with the comment, allowing you to go straight back to conversation.

Much easier than keeping an eye on the activities on the dashboard. 😅

These features were beta tested by a dozen SaaS companies and the feedback has been really positive.

I really, really love the calendar feature. Allows my team and I to see what’s been happening and what’s about to happen. Solid!

Or this one about notifications:

I know I asked about this many times, but am really happy notifications for comments has landed. This now allows us to keep conversations about the content in Spinal.

As always: happy to hear your feedback on these new features.


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