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Introducing: SaaS Writer Hub

Introducing SaaS Writer Hub. A directory of (freelance) SaaS writers.

At Spinal HQ customers often ask if we can recommend a writer for their SaaS content. Sometimes they are looking to get recurring articles written for their blog. Or they need someone to get their content up-to-date. Or maybe even someone to help kick start their complete content strategy.

Instead of the same list we sent every time, we’ve spent some time to create something better. Something that is not just easy for us to send when a similar request comes in, but that can potentially also help the writers get bigger reach beyond Spinal’s customers.

Introducing: SaaS Writer Hub. A directory of (freelance) SaaS writers.

Preview of the SaaS Writer Hub site

At these humble beginnings it’s merely a list of about 50 writers from around the globe. New writers and features we’ll added soon, but for now go explore and share this list with the world.

Check out SaaS Writer Hub

Written by July Forand


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