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How to Create Viral SaaS Content That Spreads

Want your SaaS content to go viral? Follow these proven tips to create contagious blog posts, guides, and videos that get shares and links.

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Want your SaaS content to blow up online?

It takes more than just writing a blog post and hitting “publish.”

You need to carefully craft contagious content designed specifically to get shares, links, and engagement.

Follow these proven tactics to create viral content that spreads like wildfire.

Solve Their Pressing Problems #

Your content needs to resonate and provide real value. Don’t just crank out promotional fluff about your product.

Start by identifying the biggest problems and pain points your audience faces day to day. Then create content that directly helps them solve those issues.

This could be a guide to overcoming frustrating objections. A checklist to avoid critical mistakes. Or a step-by-step tutorial to configure your SaaS for maximum impact.

When your content solves burning needs, people will eagerly share it with colleagues facing the same problems.

Craft Clickable Yet Descriptive Headlines #

Your headline makes the first impression, so make it count. Strike a balance between intrigue and clarity.

Clickable headlines tease the value without giving everything away:

  • “How We Increased Trials by 213% Without Changing Our Pricing”
  • “The 4 Word Email Template That Landed Us $10k in New Revenue”
  • “We Stopped Doing X and Doubled Our Win Rate: Here’s Why”

Descriptive headlines clearly convey the topic while still being catchy:

  • “A Guide to Reducing SaaS Churn Rates”
  • “How to Onboard New Users and Increase Product Adoption Rates”
  • “Complete Checklist for Optimizing Your SaaS Pricing Strategy”

Back Up Claims With Data #

When making bold claims like “double your leads” or “increase sales by 30%,” back them up with concrete stats, data, and proof.

Survey stats, growth metrics, and authoritative research studies go a long way.

Polls, quizzes, and interactive content also perform well. They engage readers while collecting data you can cite later.

Make it Easy to Share #

Don’t make sharing an afterthought. Make it a core part of your content creation and optimization process.

Add social sharing buttons, click-to-tweet boxes, and email subscription forms.

Enable social meta tags so links auto-populate images and descriptions.

Promote your content across your social channels when it goes live. Send to email subscribers with a customized pitch.

Ask influencers and partners to share with their networks as well.

Promote Your Viral Content Post-Publication #

Just because a post is live doesn’t mean promotion stops. To maximize reach, keep sharing your viral content long after publication.

  • Send follow up emails reminding people to check out older evergreen posts
  • Resurface top posts on social media on a regular basis
  • Link to related evergreen posts in new content
  • Reach back out to influencers asking them to re-share
  • Repurpose evergreen content into new formats like video or podcasts

Following this formula will stack the deck in your favor. But creating truly viral content always contains an element of luck. So keep testing to find out what resonates with your audience.

Key Takeaways for Creating Shareable SaaS Content: #

  • Solve pressing problems your audience faces
  • Use clickable yet descriptive headlines
  • Back up claims with concrete data and stats
  • Make sharing easy with buttons and social integration
  • Keep promoting content even after publication

Creating viral content is tough but incredibly valuable. Keep iterating until you craft the perfect storm of valuable information and irresistible packaging.

Written by July Forand


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