Minimal, yet powerful CMS for Jamstack

Spinal is a Git-based CMS for Jamstack sites. Super-easy to get started, but powerful enough for your entire team.

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Hundreds of SaaS companies around the world successfully use Spinal to create, publish and collaborate on their Jamstack sites. From smaller teams of two people to bigger teams with dozens working on different parts of their site’s content. But no matter the team size, they all work with the same goal in mind: provide their readers with quality content. They choose Spinal because it’s designed, from the ground up, for small SaaS companies.

What is Jamstack?

Jamstack are various tools and workflows, to build pre-rendered sites. This has many benefits. First off: security. Being pre-generated, means hosts can be read-only. Drastically reducing attack vectors. Scale is another upside. Heavy traffic spikes can easily be handled as there is no complex logic. Performance is another selling point. As pages don’t need to be generated on the server, requests are super quick. Add a CDN, close to the user, into the mix and the Performance gets even better. Lastly: portability. As Jamstack sites are basically static html, your options for hosting providers increase by magnitudes.

Static site generators?

A static site generator is a tool that can turn content, data and templates to HTML files which can then be deployed to hosting provider, like Netlify or Vercel.

Spinal supports many static site generators

Spinal has support for many static generators. From the goat Jekyll to the new-kid-on-the-block Astro. Explore them all.

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