Collaborate on your static site's content with your team

Collaborating with your team on your static site's content is why SaaS companies around the world use Spinal

Showing a sidebar with comments to help you collaborate

Successfully executing your content marketing strategy is difficult enough. Luckily you rely on Spinal to help you collaborate, write and publish all your content marketing on your static site.

How does collaborating work in Spinal?

Spinal gives you multiple features to help you collaborate with your content marketing team. Let’s go over each of them.

Leave notes and comments

For those times you want to see some changes to the content or just want to give a virtual high five, you can leave a note. Want to point out a typo? Leave a comment right there.

Lock editing

When working with multiple people on the same content, it’s easy to create conflicts. One person edits content, another opens the same content and by the time the latter one is saving it, the previous edits are gone. Argh! That’s why content is locked, when someone starts editing.

Set permissions

Based on your workflow, you might have your content writers create content and have one person in charge of publishing content. With Spinal it’s easy to gives different team members, different permissions within the app.

Change who has access to content types

With a growing site, you might want to fine-tune who can access certain content types. With Spinal you deciddecide who can write, edit and publish certain content types.

One-click invite

Inviting new team members is simple. With just one click you can invite a new team member via email. Want to share an invite url instead? You can do that too.

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