Set up a workflow to move your static site's content through stages

With Spinal's workflow feature you get a birds-eye overview of the progress of all yor content: from idea, to in progress and published.

Workflow feature showing the stages Ideas, Draft, QA and Published each with its own list of content

Whenever your SaaS static site’s content grows, it gets harder to keep track on where content is. Even more so as you expand your team: more writers and maybe another growth/marketing lead.

It’s then when you need more strucure, when you need to know in what stage your content is in.

A kanban-like board with stages

With the Workflow feature enabled, your content overview turns in a kanban-like board with the following stages:

  • Ideas: great to store ideas you and your team have;
  • Draft: when content is being worked on;
  • QA: when someone edits content;
  • Changes Requested: when changes are needed after QA;
  • Approved: when content is ready to be scheduled or published after QA;
  • Scheduled: content that is scheduled to be published automatically;
  • Published: content that is pubished.

Get notified about content changes stages

Your team can get notified by email when content changes stage, for example from QA to Approved.

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