Minimal wysiwyg-editor

Spinal's wysiwyg-editor is minimal, but powerful. It's UI puts your content front and center

screen showing the text editor

The editor is where most of your team spends the most time when using Spinal. Making tweaks, QA’ing, fixing typo’s and so on. So it only makes sense the editor in Spinal is both minimal and powerful.

Lots of time has been spent to make sure your team can write the best money-making content possible. Let’s go over some of the features.

Minimal by design

The editor is not just minimal for aesthetic purposes, but it helps your team write, QA and edit your site’s marketing content. Only the neccesary UI is present. Need to format some text? A simple highlight will summon the formatting toolbar.

Markdown support and output

As Spinal is built for static site generators, all your content is formatted to markdown when you publish. No extra work needed. Feeling like a pro? All available markdown formattig is supported as you type (or paste!).

Images support

Images can really carry your content. So drag or paste your images into the editor to upload it either directly to your GitHub repo or Cloudinary.

Customise formatting options

Not all your content might have the same formatting options. Maybe your h1 is set via a frontmatter key or maybe you can’t use ordered or unordered lists. Simply enable or disable any formatting option and it won’t show in the formatting toolbar.

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