Documentation theme built for 11ty with Tailwind CSS

An Eleventy + Tailwind CSS built theme for your documentation site.

preview of documentation theme built with Tailwind CSS
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This is a free documentation template built for 11ty with Tailwind CSS. Eleventy is a popular static site generator amongst Spinal’s customers.

Clone the repository, push to GitHub, connect with Spinal and you have a documentation site up and running in no-time. That’s easy to update with your entire team.

Using the most vanilla options 11ty gives you. Utilising Tailwind’s typograhpy plugin your content will look great out-of-the-box.

Other features: # #

  • Responsive (non-JS collapsible/expandable navigation sidebar)
  • Group resources by “section” stored in frontmatter
  • Search using DuckDuckGo form submit (non-JS)

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