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Static Site Generators for Ruby

The first (and still most popular) static site generator was written in Ruby. So the list of other ones also written in Ruby is quite extensive. Check them out.

Sitepress (using Rails) #

Screenshot of the Sitepress websiteSitepress has all the powerful features you’d expect from a fully featured static site generator, like Frontmatter support and hierarchal page traversal, but it’s capable of being embedded inside any Rails, Sinatra, or Rack app. Sitepress is built on Rails.

Learn more at their website.

Nanoc #

Screenshot of the Nanoc websiteNanoc is a static-site generator, fit for building anything from a small personal blog to a large corporate website.

Learn more at their website.

Bridgetown #

Screenshot of the Bridgetown websiteCheck out Spinal: a minimal and beautiful CMS for Bridgetown, designed for SaaS sites.

A next-generation, progressive site generator & fullstack framework, powered by Ruby. Built upon venerated open source technologies such as Ruby, Puma, and Roda — and grown on the fertile soil of Rails & Jekyll, Bridgetown puts power back in the hands of individuals to create extraordinary things.

Learn more at their website.

Jekyll #

Screenshot of the Jekyll websiteCheck out Spinal: a minimal and beautiful CMS for Jekyll, designed for SaaS sites.

Jekyll is a simple, blog-aware, static site generator perfect for personal, project, or organization sites. Think of it like a file-based CMS, without all the complexity. Jekyll takes your content, renders Markdown and Liquid templates, and spits out a complete, static website ready to be served by Apache, Nginx or another web server.

Learn more at their website.

Middleman #

Screenshot of the Middleman websiteCheck out Spinal: a minimal and beautiful CMS for Middleman, designed for SaaS sites.

Middleman is a static site generator using all the shortcuts and tools in modern web development. Middleman is built on Ruby and uses the RubyGems package manager for installation.

Learn more at their website.

These are some of the best static site generators written Ruby. Are you missing your favourite one? Get in touch with support.


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