Git-based CMS for static site generators

Spinal is a git-based CMS for static site generators, like Jekyll, Astro, Hugo and 11ty and many more.

Side-by-side view of how publishing content in Spinal result in commits on your main branch in GitHub

What is a git-based CMS?

A Git-based CMS works by staying in sync with your GitHub repo. New or edited content is first pushed to your repo which triggers a new build (on a platform like Netlify or Vercel). All without needing to know any git commands or using the command-line.

The beauty is that it’s super simple to set up and your repo is always up-to-date. This makes it easier for developers and designers to work on the site locally. Just how they prefer it.

How does it work?

A typical flow with Spinal is: you connect your GitHub repo. Your content is imported into your Spinal dashboard. You can now create new content or edit existing content. When you are done, you click Publish. This will create a new commit on your main branch. This change in the repo triggers a new build, so the content is published.

So in summary:

  1. connect your repo with Spinal
  2. create, edit or schedule content
  3. click Publish, this pushes a new commit to your main branch
  4. triggers a new build

Which frameworks do work with Spinal?

Spinal supports a growing list of static site generators. View all supported Static Site Generators.

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