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Static Site Generators for Javascript

The popularity of Javascript as a languge has ballooned the last few years. No wonder you find the most static site generators written in Javascript.

Brunch #

Screenshot of the Brunch websiteFast front-end web app build tool with simple declarative config and seamless incremental compilation for rapid development.

Learn more at their website.

Metalsmith #

Screenshot of the Metalsmith websiteMetalsmith is an extremely simple, pluggable static site generator.

Learn more at their website.

Scully (using Angular) #

Screenshot of the Scully websiteScully is a static site generator for Angular projects looking to embrace the Jamstack. It uses guessjs to find all of the routes in your project. Scully then visits each route, rendering the view and saving it to an HTML file. Scully is built on Angular.

Learn more at their website.

Abell #

Screenshot of the Abell websiteA JavaScript based static-site-generator to help you create JSON, Markdown, or static-data based websites with minimal setup and using a syntax you almost already know.

Learn more at their website.

Harp #

Screenshot of the Harp websiteHarp is a static web server that also serves Jade, Markdown, EJS, Less, Stylus, Sass, and CoffeeScript as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript without any configuration. It supports the beloved layout/partial paradigm and it has flexible metadata and global objects for traversing the file system and injecting custom data into templates.

Learn more at their website.

Gridsome (using Vue) #

Screenshot of the Gridsome websiteGridsome is supported by Spinal.

Build websites with modern tools like Vue.js, webpack and Node.js. Get hot-reloading and access to any packages from npm and write CSS in your favorite preprocessor like Sass or Less with auto-prefixing. Gridsome is built on Vue.

Learn more at their website.

VuePress 2 (VuePress Next) (using Vue) #

Screenshot of the Vuepress 2 (vuepress next) websiteVuePress 2 (VuePress Next) is supported by Spinal.

VuePress is a markdown-centered static site generator. You can write your content (documentations and blog etc.) in Markdown then VuePress will help you to generate a static site to host them. The purpose of creating VuePress was to support the documentation of Vue.js and its sub-projects, but now it has been helping a large amount of users to build their documentation, blogs, and other static sites. VuePress 2 (VuePress Next) is built on Vue.

Learn more at their website.

VitePress (using Vue) #

Screenshot of the Vitepress websiteVitePress is supported by Spinal.

VitePress is VuePress’ spiritual successor, built on top of vite. VitePress is built on Vue.

Learn more at their website.

11ty #

Screenshot of the 11ty website11ty is supported by Spinal.

A simpler static site generator. An alternative to Jekyll. Written in JavaScript. Transforms a directory of templates (of varying types) into HTML.

Learn more at their website.

Astro #

Screenshot of the Astro websiteAstro is supported by Spinal.

Astro is an all-in-one web framework for building fast, content-focused websites. It’s is an all-in-one web framework that comes with everything you need to build a website

Learn more at their website.

Gatsby (using React) #

Screenshot of the Gatsby websiteGatsby is supported by Spinal.

Gatsby is used by the world’s top-performing website teams. It’s a React-based, open-source framework. For more flexibility you can add SSR, DSG, and Cloud Functions. Gatsby is built on React.

Learn more at their website.

Next.js (using React) #

Screenshot of the Next.js websiteNext.js is supported by Spinal.

Next.js gives you the best developer experience with all the features you need for production: hybrid static & server rendering, TypeScript support, smart bundling, route pre-fetching, and more. No config needed. Next.js is built on React.

Learn more at their website.

Nuxt (using Vue) #

Screenshot of the Nuxt websiteNuxt is supported by Spinal.

Nuxt’s goal is to make web development intuitive and performant with a great developer experience in mind. Nuxt is built on Vue.

Learn more at their website.

Hexo #

Screenshot of the Hexo websiteHexo is supported by Spinal.

Hexo is a fast, simple and powerful blog framework powered by Node.js

Learn more at their website.

Docusaurus (using React) #

Screenshot of the Docusaurus websiteDocusaurus is supported by Spinal.

A React-powered static site generator to build beautiful documentation sites. Docusaurus is built on React.

Learn more at their website.

These are some of the best static site generators written Javascript. Are you missing your favourite one? Get in touch with support.

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