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A minimal CMS for VitePress

VitePress is powerful and performant! Collaborating on it with your content marketing team not so much. Say hello to Spinal. 👋

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VitePress is built with developer experience (DX) in mind. From the speed of Vite, fast HMR and instant server starts. Developers love VitePress as it’s designed with simplicity in mind, but can be easily extended. VitePress is currently alpha.

Check out the official site for more.

A git-based VitePress CMS that works without tedious set up

Spinal works off your GitHub repo. That's why it's so simple to get started. Select your repo and where your markdown files in VitePress are stored and then your content is imported into your Spinal account. That's it! No fiddling with API's, mapping frontmatter or other quirky set up needed. Connect with your GitHub account, add your first content type and publish witin minutes.

Don't change your team's workflow

Your team loves VitePress because it's built with Vue.JS and Vite. Your developers don't have to change how they work. Bút you can give your other team members a new super power by giving them a beautiful wysiwyg-editor to craft and collaborate on your marketing content. When ready, they publish their content. This pushes the content to your GitHub repo. Ready to be picked up by your CI/CD. Almost like magic! 🧙‍♀️


Push your static marketing site to the next level

  • Preview of the wysiwyg-editor with the floating markdown toolbar

    Beautiful, minimal editor

    The wysiwyg editor that is minimal, yet beautiful. Your writers will love to use it.

  • List of the content types (posts, documentation and changelog) in the navigation bar

    Create, edit and schedule all your VitePress content

    From your blog, to your documentation or changelog. You can create, update and schedule all the marketing content for your VitePress site.

  • Screen to attach a content type to your Spinal dashboard

    Nothing to install

    Spinal is a git-based cms. It connects to your GitHub repo to pull content you already have and pushes new content you create.

  • Posts overview with one item locked by Chris, visibly by a tooltip

    Lock editing

    Know when someone from your team is editing content, so there will be no conflicts.

  • List of current team members in account, and two input fields: invite by email and invite via link

    Work together with your whole team

    Collaborate with your team. Leave comments on drafts, proofread upcoming content and improve existing content.

  • Set permissions

    Edit who can create content, publish content or invite new team members.

  • Add images

    A picture is worth a thousands words. So simply drag & drop images into your content. Directly to GitHub or Cloudinary.

  • Customise to fit your content

    Customise how your content is ordered, change the icon, toggle frontmatter columns and group by content by frontmatter keys.

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Collaborate on your VitePress site with your whole team

Create, improve and collaborate on content for your static marketing site with your whole team. Get started for free today