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How does Craft CMS compare to Decap CMS?

What is the best CMS for static site generators? Looking to compare Craft CMS with Decap CMS? This is a detailed review of these CMS options for SaaS teams.

How does Craft CMS stack up against Decap CMS? Which is the better choice for you?

A detailed comparison on features and pricing.

Logo for craft-cms Craft CMS Logo for decap-cms Decap CMS
Price $0 (then $299 per project Free
Set up Difficult Intermediate
Collaborators 1 Unlimited
Kanban workflow
Fine-grained Access
Self Host
Built for SSG
Rich Text Editor
Calendar view
Outputs Markdown
Edit Lock
Comments & Notes
Image Support
Version History
Active Development
Compare N/A Compare pricing
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Spinal is a Git-based CMS built for SaaS teams

With Spinal you can create and update content on your static site in no-time, because it's as simple as connecting your GitHub repo. The minimal and beautiful UI will help you craft amazing content. With features focussed on small SaaS teams, Spinal lets you collaborate on all your marketing content seamlessy. Learn about all the features from Spinal .

How does Spinal compare to…

Craft CMS ánd Decap CMS not a fit? Give Spinal a try.

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