Alternative to Craft CMS

Spinal is an alternative to Craft CMS. It doesn't need to be installed, maintained or updated.

preview of Spinal posts edit screen with navigation on the left, content with a markdown toolbar in the middle and the comments panel on the right

Craft CMS is an open-source CMS with some advances eCommerce features. Free for personal usage, but also has per-project pricing.

Being highly-customisable and flexible makes it possible to match it your brand’s needs. From localisation, to multisite and a form plugin.

The form plugin is just one of the plugins available, there are many more plugins available ready for you to extend the CMS.

Next to that is support for eCommerce features.

Not suitable for lean SaaS companies

Craft CMS is a beautiful piece of extensible software, but that comes at a cost. A cost that is most notable with lean SaaS companies. As they know the power of crafting great content for their static marketing site. Craft CMS simply asks too much from you to even get started.

Spinal vs Craft CMS feature comparison

Spinal is a hosted CMS built for SaaS teams. It does not need to be installed, but simply set up once and you are ready to create money-making SaaS content.

Spinal logo Spinal Logo for craft-cms Craft CMS
Price $29/month $0 (then $299 per project
Set up Very easy Difficult
Collaborators 10 1
Kanban workflow
Fine-grained Access
Self Host
Built for SSG
Rich Text Editor
Calendar view
Outputs Markdown
Edit Lock
Comments & Notes
Image Support
Version History
Active Development
Compare Compare pricing N/A
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  • The simplicity has made it easy for our non-technical team members to contribute to the website.
  1. Does Spinal support markdown?

    Yes! As Spinal is built for static site generators, markdown is supported. No extra work needed from you. Not only that: it boasts an easy to use wysiwyg editor that converts to markdown for you.

  2. Does Spinal have an API?

    No. As Spinal is a Git-based CMS, it’s way simpler to set up. No developer time needed. Just connect your GitHub repo, invite your team and you are ready to craft the best content for your marketing site.

  3. Can I self-host Spinal?

    No. Spinal is a web-based SaaS and not open-source.

  4. Can I connect third-party content with Spinal?

    No. Spinal allows you to craft money-making content for your SaaS with your entire team, like your blog, documentation or changelog.

We'll move you from Craft CMS to Spinal. For free!

Getting started with Spinal is really straightforward if you use a git-based alternative, but that's not the case for Craft CMS. That's why every (trialing) Spinal customer, gets free concierge service to import all your existing content into Spinal (and as a result into Git). Without any extra charge. Start your 5-day free trial and contact support for all the details.

How does Spinal compare to other alternatives?

Switch to a CMS that does not need to be installed, updated and hotfixed.

Create, schedule and work together with your entire team on content for your static marketing site. Start your free trial today.

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