Alternative to Sanity CMS

Spinal is an alternative to Being a “content platform” makes it quite difficult to use with your static site generator.

preview of Spinal CMS posts edit screen with navigation on the left, content with a markdown toolbar in the middle and the comments panel on the right is a venture-backed company. With a clear focus on big enterprise customers. It’s based around a “real-time datastore”, with a user interface, called “Sanity Studio” and various SDKs to get the content into your app or website. Dizzy already?

These suite of products are built for enterprise clients. For growing SaaS SMBs this takes too much time to set up.

Spinal vs feature comparison

Spinal is built with SMB SaaS content marketing teams in mind. Big enterprises won't feel at home at Spinal.

Spinal logo Spinal Logo for sanity-io
Price $29/month Starts at $99/month
Set up Very easy Difficult
Collaborators Unlimited 10 (more at higher plan)
Fine-grained Access
Self Host
Built for SSG
Rich Text Editor
Outputs Markdown
Edit Lock
Comments & Notes
Image Support
Version History
Active Development
Compare View pricing View pricing
Found a mistake? Get in touch.
  1. How many team members can I invite?

    You can invite as many team members you need. All for a fixed price.

  2. Does Spinal have an API?

    No, not needed. With Spinal you simply connect your GitHub repo and you are ready to create and edit your static’s site conttent.

  3. Does Spinal have fancy enterprise feature X?

    Maybe. Just in get touch. Just remember that Spinal does not focus on enterprise customers.

We'll help you move from to Spinal. For free!

Getting started with Spinal is really straightforward if you use a git-based alternative, but that's not the case for That's why every Spinal customer, gets free concierge service to import all your existing content into Spinal (and as a result into Git). Without any extra charge. Contact support for all the details.

For small, but growing SaaS websites.

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