Next.js CMS for agencies

Spinal is a minimal CMS for Next.js (amongst others). It's used by agencies to help them and their customers update their site's content.

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Next.js is a powerful and flexible tool that simplifies the development process for React-based applications. With built-in support for server-side rendering and a flexible file-based routing system, Next.js allows developers to focus on building features rather than dealing with boilerplate code. Additionally, its integration with Vercel provides seamless deployment and hosting options, making it a top choice for developers looking for an efficient and streamlined workflow.

The popularity of Next.js among React developers continues to grow thanks to its intuitive API, fast performance, and extensive community support. With the ability to build static sites, single-page applications, and even full-stack web applications, Next.js is a versatile and essential tool for any modern web development team.

How does it work?

Using Spinal as the CMS for your client’s Next.js website allows you to give your client the ability to create and update content for their site, while also being able to monitor the activity. Keep content up-to-date yourself or fix a typo quickly. Being proactive like that, will surely solidify the relationship with your client.

While remaining in control, you can invite your client’s team to update their own site’s content. Your clients won’t know about Spinal’s subscription, and as an agency owner, the more clients you bring in, lower your monthly cost will be. You’re also free to include this cost in your monthly retainer.


Work with your entire team on the content of your Next.js site

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Pricing for agencies

Agencies get a discount on the monthtly or yearly subscription based on the number of clients. The more clients, the higher the discount.

Get in touch for the terms and the details.

Updating your client's Next.js site doesn't have to be difficult

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