Get notified when your content gets published, scheduled or when your team leaves comments on your content.

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The collaboration features in Spinal allows your team to push the best possible content. But keeping track of the things happening in your account can be daunting, especially when you are in charge of a lot of content.

Email notifications can help you here.

You can enable notifications from two places:

From the dashboard #

Find the cog-icon after the Latest activity on your dashboard. Select and check the notifications you want to receive.

From your profile settings #

Go to your Profile settings, and check the notifications you are interested in.

That’s it, you’re now getting an email every time that event is happening in your account.

Which kind of notifications are there? #

For the following events you can get notified:

  • New comments

  • Content published

  • Content scheduled

  • Member joins

Other notifications that work together with the Workflow feature, and when your content changes stage, are:

  • QA

  • Updates required

  • Changes requested

  • Approved

When do I get a notification? #

Notifications happen on your content only. Your content is content that you started. Others might have edited and made changes too, but only you get the notification.

Weekly or monthly overview emails #

You can opt-in to get an overview every week on Monday or the first Monday of the month, listing all content that was published for, respectively the previous week or month.

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