In Spinal you have fine-grained control over who can create, edit and publish content on your marketing site.

Team Plan exclusive

Available roles #

You can give any team member one of the following roles. Each has its own set of permissions.

Administrator Writer Publisher
Can change some account’s settings, create new invite links, remove team members, create content, update content, delete content and publish content. They have access to all content types by default. Can (for each content type they have access to) create new and update content. Similar to the Writer role, but can also Publish content.

The person that created the account will be the Owner. They have the same permissions and access as an Administrator, but their role is fixed. They can also not be removed from the account.

Change roles for members #

From your Dashboard, head over to Settings / Team. Find the person you want to change its role for. Select the current role, and on the following dropdown, choose the new role you want to give to this person. The new role is applied immediately.

Give access to a content type #

From your Dashboard, head over to the settings for that content type. Select the settings icon next to the content type’s name. Select the Members tab.

Find the person that you want to give access, and toggle the checkbox after their name. Don’t forget to Update.

If you want to remove access, uncheck the checkbox again.

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