Quick start guide

Want to get set up as quickly as possible with Spinal? Follow this quick start guide.

First off: welcome to Spinal! While getting Spinal set up is really simple with the step-by-step onboarding after you sign up, here is a guide to help you if ever needed.

1. Connect your GitHub account #

Spinal is a git-based CMS. So content you publish, gets pushed to your GitHub repo.

  1. Go to Settings / Integrations. Locate GitHub and choose Connect.
  2. You are asked to give Spinal permission to read and write to your repos. This is needed so you create content in Spinal that is pushed to your selected GitHub repo.
  3. After confirmation, you are redirected back to your Spinal dashboard.

2. Set up your first content type #

Select Set up content from the left-hand sidebar. This will open a modal. It needs the following details:

  1. Name, the name of the content type, eg. Posts, Documentation or Changelog;
  2. Repo name, the repo that holds your marketing site;
  3. Framework, the static site generator your site is built with;
  4. Source path, the parent folder where your content is stored, eg. src/_posts.

The Source path can have many sub-folders. It’s also the folder where all your new content will be stored too.

3. Bonus: create your content #

And that’s all you need to get set up with Spinal. So this is a bonus step: create your first content. There are two ways you can create new content: with the + from the left-hand sidebar or, when you are in the content overview, select the New button in the top-right corner.

On the page that follows is the beautiful editor where you can start writing you first content. Congratulations on setting up Spinal! 🎉

Without an upgrade, the content limit is 25 items. Check the pricing page for all the details.

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