How to invite your team

Spinal is designed to be used with your whole team. Learn how to easily invite them all.

Spinal is designed for content marketing teams in mind. Or better: your whole team. Because with Spinal’s fine-grained permissions you choose who has access to certain content types.

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Invite your team #

From your Dashboard, head over to Settings / Team. Here are all your team members listed, ordered by their join date. Below this list you find a form with an uniqe link. You can share this link wherever and however you want.

Know that everyone with this link can sign up to your Spinal account. But newly joined members have the least access:

  • Writer role
  • Access to no content types

What happens next? #

When your team member follows the link, they get to sign up by entering their email and password.

Screenshot of the sign up form for new invites

After account creation, they are brought to an empty dashboard. This is because by default their access is restricted. You can now give them access to whichever content type and change their role.

Learn more about the roles & permissions in Spinal.

Note: only members with the Owner and Administrator role can invite other team members.

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