Delete content type

Learn how to delete a content type from your account.

Sometimes you make a mistake when setting up a content type. Or you don’t have a use for it anymore in Spinal. It’s then useful to delete the content type altogether and keep things tidy (just how we like it at Spinal).

Deleting a content type is easy. From your content type settings, scroll down and choose Delete….

Screenshot of the content type deletion modal

A modal opens, asking you to confirm the deletion. Upon confirmation the following will be deleted:

  • all your draft content;
  • scheduled content;
  • comments left by your team.

Content and images already published (pushed to GitHub) and images upload to Cloudinary won’t be deleted.

Also delete site details, like repository and framework #

Screenshot of the content type deletion modal

If you also want to delete you site’s details, like the repository and the static site generator in use. Check Also delete repo details.

It will delete the same items as above, but also any site-related details.

This option is only available when there’s one content type set up.

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