What does git-based mean?

Spinal is a git-based CMS, but what does that mean?

There are many CMS’ outthere to help you craft content for your marketing site. Spinal works with your GitHub repo. So any change you make, directly changes your repo.

For instance:

  • when you click publish, a markdown file is committed to the main branch;
  • when you drag and drop an image, a commit with that image is created;
  • when you delete content, a commit is created removing that file.

This consequently means that you have some sort of auto-deploy set up. So that whenever content is pushed to the main branch of your repository, it triggers a build on your site’s hosting.

Does Spinal support two-way sync? #

Are changes you made outside of Spinal added back in into Spinal? No, Spinal is meant as the source of truth for your marketing site’s content. This works best as Spinal is designed for content marketing teams. If changes appear made outside of Spinal, this would be confusing to those unaware of this.

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