Filter content

You can filter content in two ways. By Frontmatter value or by some fixed settings.

You can filter the content in your content overview. This is a great way to get an idea of what’s going on for a certain category or check content that have comments.

You can filter content in two ways:

  • via Frontmatter values, and
  • via fixed filters

Filter by Frontmatter values #


When you Toggle columns in your overview, the string, datetime and text values can be selected. This will filter the content with that value.

Filter by fixed settings #


There are also a few fixed filters you can use:

  • content with unpublished changes (based on the content, not the frontmatter values)
  • content with comments
  • content by a certain author

A filtered view is not stored between visits. If you want to undo a filter select the Remove filter at the top.

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